Who is Anna Sideri Hagen?

Anna (Ane) Sideri Hagen is a Matchmaker and Datingadvicer who was born in Norway, grew up on the island of Samos, Greece, did her studies, and made a life in Norway before she moved back to Greece in 2020. She is now living in Athens, working with Norwegian clients while she is figuring out the business in Greece.

Dating and Matchmaking:

She is a pioneer in online dating and online relationships starting up her studies in 1996. In 2003 she started her Norwegian blog Denrette.com and had her first online course for women in 2007. In 2012 she became known as a dating adviser, through media and participated in several tv shows. She started her studies to become a Matchmaker at the same time. She took on her first matchmaking client in 2015 and has been working as a matchmaker since then.

She is now the most used dating adviser and matchmaker in Norwegian media and has been entitled to a dating expert because of her experience and knowledge. Her focus is on long-lasting relationships and she combines matchmaking and dating advice to achieve that.

Her Norwegian dating/matchmakingsite: www.anehagen.no

Mind and Body Balance

On a private note, she has always been looking for solutions to problems. Not only in her job but in her private life. Her mental health issues, weight issues, energy issues, make her life more complicated and difficult to live, when not in balance. Finding out how important the balance of omega 3 – 6 is for your body and mind, gave her a new life force. and is now one of her biggest passions. Checking her omega 3 – 6 balance, and D vitamin level with Zinzino’s blood tests has been life-changing. Putting the guesswork out of your health and knowing is so important. She loves working with Zinzino part-time, representing the products and giving others the opportunity to check their balance and levels too.

Get YOURSELF in balance

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